Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball will be starting Thursday, January 13th at the Stake Center. I have not received rosters from most of the wards, so I'm planning on combining wards to make 4 teams. There will be 2 games each week. There's also a mandatory coaches meeting that evening at 7:00 pm. Please see that someone is there to represent your ward.

Please see your ward sports coordinator to sign the roster ASAP! If I do not have a roster for your ward, your ward will NOT participate. Thanks!

Eagle Mountain North

Women’s Stake Basketball Schedule 2011

Eagle’s Gate & Highlands 1st __________1

Highlands 2nd ____________________2

Mt. Airey & Rock Creek __________3

Kennekuk & Willow Springs _______________4

Thursday, January 13

MANDATORY Coaches Meeting at 7:00 pm

7:30 pm 1 vs 2

8:30 pm 3 vs 4

Thursday, January 20

Ref training location & time TBD

Thursday, January 27

6:30 pm 2 vs 3

7:30 pm 1 vs 4

Thursday, February 3

6:30 pm 4 vs 2

7:30 pm 1 vs 3

Thursday, February 10

6:30 pm 1 vs 4

7:30 pm 2 vs 3

*We will play 20-minute halves with a running clock, except for the last 2 minutes of the game the clock will stop unless the spread is more than 15 points. You need 5 players to start without forfeiting and game time is forfeit time, so please come early.

** You are allowed 3 – 60-second timeouts and 2 – 30-second timeouts per game. Any leftover will carry over into overtime, if applicable. You’ll also receive an extra timeout in overtime.

*** Please keep your children in the gym area and remember to clean up after them. Thanks!

Each week you will receive points for the following:

1 Point - Team participation (a full team of at least 5 players, no forfeits)

2 Points - Sportsmanship during the game (including spectators)

1 Point - Winning the game


4 Points possible per game

Thanks Ladies!

We’re looking forward to an exciting and fun basketball season!

(EG) Aimee Francom Stake Sports Coordinator: (801) 310-0041 Email:

(WS) Ashley Crossley Stake Sports Specialist: (801) 623-3159 Email:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ref Training CANCELED

The ref training we had scheduled for this Thursday is CANCELED. It will be rescheduled. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!